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No one likes to buy a product only to have to return it later because it was not what they were expecting. We buy it first! Then we write a review. Learn from our experience about quality products that meet expectations.


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For anyone who simply wants to learn more our a wide variety of products, our product reviews website is for you. Learn from our experience where we buy, unbox, explain, describe, and review these products.

We all need a place with reliable reviews and this is the best place on the web to come where we actually have purchased the items that we review. Get ready to hit the ground running.

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in depth Reviews

We all need a good pair of shoes. Whether you are a runner, a walker, a worker, or any other kind of shoe wearer. You need reliable, honest, reviews of products that you are looing at. 

Clothing Reviews

We all wear clothes! (Hopefully) How do you know if the clothes you are looking at actually fit. Click here to read our reviews of clothes that we have purchased at various places throughout the web and at retail stores.

Fitness Equipment

During the COVID Pandemic our favorite gym was closed. We weren’t allowed to go to the gym for about 6 months. We weren’t sure when we would get to go back. It was during this time that we started to build out our at home gym.


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“Thanks for the great reviews! It helped me to decide on the product that I wanted.”

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“I was nervous about getting ready for my wedding day. I wanted to lose weight and was yo-yo dieting. The supplements you recommended really helped me to feel my best and lose the weight.”

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“We love your honest and simple reviews.”

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“This is the place to come for real world use of these products. I love your style and how easy it is for me to find a review on products that I am interested in. Keep It up!”